The Hill of The Boar

The Hill of the Boar


Part One of The Seven Seals




Benjamin B Lewis

The Hill of the Boar

Benjamin B Lewis


Part One of The Seven Seals


A series of murders, an insane serial killer on the loose, a whole town going crazy and the night-terrors of two small children are all linked. But will DI Bill Clements be able to work out what that link is?


An ancient church in the village of Pentrich harbours a horrifying secret: a portal between worlds controlled by a demon named Amobus - and it’s opening.


Serial killer John Cain is controlled by the irresistible demonic influence of Amobus to irrevocably open the deadly Portal, turning the nearby town of Ripley into a deadly battleground.


Using a key recovered from the Australian Outback, Father Guiesspe D’Anato and members of The Order embark upon a deadly adventure deep below Rome. But who in the Vatican betrayed them to the sinister Heltzer Corporation?


Guiesspe is pursued by the agents of Heltzer from the ancient catacombs as he carries hope to Derbyshire.


Back in Ripley, with his rational mind and his belief system being stretched to their limits will Bill be able to figure out what he needs to do to save humanity?


With his unlikely companions: an eccentric elderly lady, Annabel Cavendish, attractive local GP Dr Caitlin Hughes and a lawyer from Surrey, Bill must stop the growing evil.


Our heroes team up with a living Warlock named Shallaman Matarak and Giuesspe, who survived a deadly chase across England, to attempt to save the world from a demonic force from Pentrich.


Together they must protect the children, overcome dangers including a corrupt policeman turned crazed killer and use an ancient artefact to save the world. But with the escalating threats to each of their lives will they be able to pull together and save the world?


And just why are these events of such interest to a professor of archaeology and MI5? And what is it that lies in a cavern deep below the limestone of Derbyshire? And just what does it have to do with BIll?


The Second Seal

Part 2 of The Seven Seals



Coming soon.....

The Seven Seals

The next installment is being written now and excerpts will appear here in due course.



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About the Author


Benjamin B Lewis, known as Barry, is a father to Zoë and husband to Kat and together they all try to live the Good Life in Derbyshire. He has vineyard or two and is in the middle of planting a new orchard. Naturally, he wants his own cider shed and to revive Wassailing locally. When he’s not writing, planting or tending fruit and veg he is a local politician, which he got into by accident but that’s a whole other story on its own. He has also written non-fiction works on archaeology and rock-art, which used to be the day job.

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